In this tutorial, we will walk through a few VisionScript apps.

To begin, you will need a folder of images. Download our example images.

Let's begin! 🙌

Introduction to VisionScript

VisionScript uses an action-oriented syntax. Syntax is the way that we express instructions to computers.

Let's walk through a few examples showing this syntax in action, while making a few cool projects.

Find people in an image


This will detect all the people in an image and show the image with a box around all the people:

Exercise: Replace "person" with something else and use a different photo. You can write in anything you want. Abstract words (i.e. "shoe", "tree", "house") will perform better.

Build a search engine

Let's build a search engine on a folder of images. All it takes is four lines of code.



Here is what our code shows:

[add image]

In this code, we:

  1. Load all images in a folder
  2. Search for the term "plane"
  3. Show all images in the folder, with all the planes at the top of the display

Generate a caption for an image

Let's generate a written description for an image.


This code returns:

[add text]

Our code has successfully generated a caption for our image.

Classify an image

Does a photo contain a cat or a dog? Or a fish? Or a cookie? How do we solve this problem?

That's a job for classification! We can assign a category to an image in a few lines of code:

Classify["cat", "dog", "fish"]

This code will return a label that is relevant to the image.

Here is the image we are using:

[add image]

Our code returns the label cat. Our code has successfully categorized our image!

Make a function

A function is a block of code you can reuse throughout your program.

Let's declare a function.

Make blurplates
    Detect["license plate"]


This function blurs all of the license plates in all images in our folder.

Here's an image with a license plate that has been blurred:

[add image]

Continue learning

Ready to start building more applications? Check out the full library reference which lists all of the functions available in VisionScript and how to use them.

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