VisionScript is an abstract programming language for doing common computer vision tasks, fast.

With VisionScript, you can:

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Install VisionScript

The latest version of VisionScript is 0.0.5.

Install VisionScript with pip:

pip install visionscript

Create a file with VisionScript:


Run your program:

visionscript program.vic

Run in a notebook


VisionScript provides a block-based, drag-and-drop web tool for building applications.

To run the web tool, use the following command:

visionscript --notebook

The drag-and-drop interface will appear in your browser.

The blocks in the drag-and-drop interface generate VisionScript code that you can export and deploy.

A VisionScript notebook that counts the number of cats in an image

Code-based notebook

You can write and run VisionScript code in an interactive web notebook. This system allows persistence of state, which is useful if you are using compute-heavy functions like building a search engine or using the image segmentation features available in VisionScript.

To create a notebook, use the following command:

visionscript --notebook

Then, click the "Switch to code mode" button to enter into a code notebook.

A VisionScript notebook to count the number of objects in an image

Run in a REPL

You can run code in a REPL session using the following command:

visionscript --repl

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